A nuclear aircraft carrier is the world’s most expensive parking lot

How much do you think it would cost to create a parking lot in the middle of the ocean? Well, for now the figure stands at a whopping $4.5 billion! Just head over to the USS Ronald Reagan, to check out a “giant nuclear-powered aircraft carrier” full of vehicles and sailors, heading towards Washington’s Naval Base Kitsap. As many as 3,000 US sailors along with their cars are moving to Bremerton.

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Though all the cars on the deck look heavy, it is still smooth sailing for the dual nuclear reactor powered Nimitz class carrier which displaces 100,000 tons. While this does seem like a frivolous expense at first, considering that so many sailors driving 1,200 miles drive and then transporting their vehicles on another ship to send them to their final destination would be a more tedious and expensive exercise.

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