Reckless driver buys new $1.5million Bugatti Veyron after plunging old one into lake

The reckless driver who drove his priceless Bugatti Veyron into a Texas lake became an internet sensation over night. When videos of the actual car crash emerged, it spawned all sorts of questions about what “really” happened, especially whether it had been trashed for the insurance money. Well, we don’t wish to divulge on the drivers ulterior motives. What we wish to share is that the infamous driver, Andy House has replaced the busted car Friday with another $1.5 million Veyron. The guy sent a photo of his new beauty along with a note to Jalopnik. We are sure the accident has made Andy wiser and he will think twice before he answers any call while driving his new beauty or has invested in a hands-free cell phone.

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Here’s wishing Andy good luck with his new buy.