Rolls-Royce Wedding Edition Phantom and Ghost launched in India

When it comes to driving around in sheer and extravagant luxury, there’s indeed no better way to go than a Rolls-Royce. These cars more often than not are built for the powerful and crafted for the wealthy. The English luxury car manufacturer has just unveiled a special wedding edition of the Ghost and the Phantom. These bespoke versions of these saloons can be customized as per the customer’s preferences, complete with custom colors, veneers and the option of special engravings and embossing.

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And that’s not all. If wished by the soon-to-be-married customer couple, Rolls-Royce will also go ahead and give one of these special edition cars the ornamentation of the couple’s names! The Rolls-Royce Wedding Edition Ghost and Phantom is bound to have a bunch of takers, particularly couples who’re looking for the perfect ride after tying the knot!
[Luxpresso and Ibtimes]

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