Seraphim: Mikael Lugnegard’s golden motorcycle for a bling ride

Just merely adding a golden finish to any item never turned it into an “object de art” for me. And agreeing with me is Swedish designer Mikael Lugnegard who realizes it’s takes more than just a mere golden touch to really turn something into a piece of bling art. The designer’s unique creation, Seraphim, a golden motorcycle, truly brings out the aesthetic side of blinged out wheels. Instead of just covering the motorcycle with the yellow metal, the designer has strategically and tastefully placed the metal in various parts of the vehicle. The expertly detailed front forks and the comfortable saddle-shaped seat have made the ‘Seraphim’ a gilded vintage creation like no other.

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The intricate golden spoke design along with the low-leveled, split handlebar allows the driver to experience the vibrations of the engine while reaching maximum speeds. A one-of-a-kind creation, the Seraphim with her golden engine and gears truly qualifies as a masterpiece of bling art.
The bike is available for all motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to indulge in the ultimate luxe machine.

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