The Galileo RS Travel Trailer 2010: An eco-friendly house on wheels

Caravans are a lot of fun, you can explore the world and yet home is just a stone throw away, no matter where you are! If you like a comfortable road adventure, then the Galileo RS Travel Trailer 2010 is just the right thing for you. This eco-friendly, aerodynamic and stylish 21 feet long trailer has been made with a full fiberglass exterior, and can house a maximum of four people.

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The trailer has unique unifiber design and is shaped to take heavy wind head on with grace and elegance. And on the inside you can enjoy standard features like a modern jackknife sofa, L sofa, folding dining table along with day and night designer blinds. The trailer will also feature a bathroom and the full walk‐in shower. Plus this $30,000 worth trailer also has a 16,000 BTU propane furnace with thermostat for good measure.

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