Ideas for a Bit of Luxury in London

There are so many things to do in Britain’s capital city, you could visit for a month and never see or do a fraction of what’s on offer. For the luxury seeker, the options are easy: Book a dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, stay in a five-star hotel, and then go shopping at Harvey Nicks. But even that can get a pit passé. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for something special and different, when you’re looking for a bit of luxury in London.

The Electric Cinema
The Electric Cinema has two locations, one in West London and one in East London. Both are gorgeous – you can watch the film snuggled up on a sofa, with a cashmere blanket and a coffee table to pop your coffee or cocktail on – which you can get from the deli-bar outside the screen and take in with you.
The Rooftop Film Club
Summer is here and London has really taken to the idea of alfresco cinematic experiences. The Rooftop Film Club claims to show “classic, cult and new releases on London’s finest rooftops” so you can look out over the rooftops of London in style. They also serve some great food and lovely cocktails. What’s more luxurious than the warm night air on your face as you watch your favourite film, cocktail in hand?

Eating and Drinking

Duck and Waffle
If you enjoyed your rooftop film and you love looking out over London, you’ll adore Duck and Waffle, the highest restaurant in the UK. It’s located on the 40th Floor of East London’s Heron Tower, and not only offers fine views but fine dining, too.
Sketch is the place to go to when you want real luxury with a twist. Who thought a restaurant could be famous for its toilets? Visit Sketch and you’ll find out why. Sketch is a restaurant and tea rooms where food, art and music mingle at the highest level to make you feel truly cosseted and amused.

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Maison Assouline
If you love books, especially the interesting, glossy kind about fashion, design, film, architecture or anything stylish, you’ll love the Assouline publishing house. And now they’ve opened a bookshop that is a perfect reflection of their books – a stylish, wood lined den with leather armchairs, a twinkling cocktail bar, and their beautiful limited edition art books (which cost thousands) on stands for you to browse through – white archival gloves provided.

Dover Street Market
Innovative fashion, intriguing displays, plus delicious cakes – what’s not to love about Dover Street Market? It’s the hotspot in London to rush for if you want to see the newest jewellery, fashion or accessories, plus you’re bound to spot a cool celebrity or two in the Rose Bakery, discussing their next show/book deal/collaboration with Comme des Garcons.

All this is on your doorstep if you’re lucky enough to be a London dweller, but if not, never fear, these days there are more and more easy ways to get into the city. Flying is one quick and easy option – try Flybe for inexpensive flights from throughout the UK or if you prefer travelling by rail, Cross Country Trains will zoom you, well, across the country. For a budget coach option, Megabus is a reliable standard. If you save a bit on the transport, that’s all the more dosh to go towards your luxurious city break, after all!

Note – This post was written in partnership with Flybe