Japan’s super luxury train Nanatsuboshi unveiled

Seven Stars in Kyushu is the latest luxury train offering and the first in Japan that will take you cruising through the island of Kyushu. The new super-luxury train offers its guests the luxury of a lounge car with a piano and a bar, top-end dining and 14 private suites. The train travels around the rural southern island of Kyushu, on a four-day, three-night itinerary costing up to 1.13 million yen ($11,400) per couple. The train which goes into service in October is already fully booked until June 2014.

The concept of Seven Star in Kyushu came from the need to offer a cruise just for Japan. True to its name, Kyushu offers seven tourist attractions including nature, cuisine, hot springs, traditional culture, power spots, friendliness and Train travel. Combined with the finest onboard experience, the train is an experience beyond one’s imagination.

The cruise train is decorated with various woods and fabrics in a fusion that is reflective of both Japanese and Western cultures. During the day, the Lounge Car is your ideal compartment with a bar counter that opens in the evening while passengers relax, listening to live piano performances. From the Lounge Car to the Dining Car, where tables are adorned with gourmet delights from Kyushu, There will also be occasions for passengers to alight from the train for their meals and experience the local fare,

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Once it’s time to retire, the train’s stately Guestrooms offering the ideal relaxing space, The fourteen guest rooms on the “Seven Stars in Kyushu” are all suite rooms. The spacious guest rooms include the “Deluxe Suites” with two suites per carriage, and the “Suites” with three suites per carriage. The wood-paneled bedrooms offer plush beds and a desk along with an ensuite bathroom with a shower and toilet, equipped with a heated seat.

This first inland cruise in Japan is sure to offer its passengers a completely new travel experience.



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