Gigantis watch winder with a multimedia center keeps you entertained

There are several watch winders that promise a lot of technological enhancements. But not every product gives you everything. If you are looking at safety, space, comfort and luxury all at once The Gigantis is a good option to check out. The 1.80 meter wide and 2.10 meter high winder sports “60 individually programmable and illuminated winder, a humidified humidor and an illuminated bar compartment”. The winder also features a touch screen control panel with two additional screens for TV and DVD viewing.

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In fact you can enjoy a good multimedia experience through audio files using the integrated media center which can be operated with a smartphone.
Starting at $123,000 you can customized the winder in terms of leather or wood, color or materials like carbon. Who said class comes cheap?
[Gizmodo] And [Kudoe Schli Matz]

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