Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic Carbon and the King Gold Carbon unveiled

Watchmaker Hublot and Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari have had a strong relationship and together had come up with some of the most fabulously sporty yet sophisticated wrist-watches. The two companies have unveiled several time pieces in the year gone by, each of which is unique and exceptionally well-crafted. Amongst these watches are the Big Bang Ferrari “Red Magic Carbon” and the “King Gold Carbon”. The latter is the first scratch-resistant 18-carat gold watch crafted by Hublot. The watches sport a UNICO movement and the Red Magic Carbon uses a carbon fiber case.

The Red Magic Carbon includes a red sapphire crystal colored by adding chemical components during its development, making it unique and unalterable. This one’s available in a black strap or a red schedoni leather stitched strap with contrasting black rubber. Also, the “Red Magic Carbon” will be limited to a thousand pieces while the “King Gold Carbon” version will have just 500 units produced. Big Bang Ferrari in black ceramic is limited to 1000 pieces.

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And that’s not all. Hublot has already begun working on upcoming timepieces that we will bring to you soon. Stay tuned for more luxury watches from Hublot’s stables!