1965 Corvette cut away auctioned off for $704,000

During the event held by RM to auction off the Al-Wiseman Car collection, past week in Florida, the stealing highlight was the 1965 Corvette cut-away autorama. The Le Mans Blue Corvette equipped with 327ci V8 produced 375 horsepower, a 4-speed manual transmission and 4 wheel disc breaks and a white interior, which was then pulled off the assembly line and modified to show the public, the inner workings of the car. A push of a button ensured the body to be lifted up revealing the Corvette’s motor, chassis and suspension. Electric motors, including crankshaft, pistons, valves, clutch, driveshaft, and position rear axle perform the various functions of the car. The cut-outs reveal details regarding the exhaust system, transmission, brakes and more.

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The Corvette, which was recently discovered in South Africa, was brought back to the United States and restored as a part of the Wiseman collection. The Car was retained with its original interiors, instrumentation, tires and steering wheel. The Car was sold off at RM auction for a hefty price of 704,000. The video from Corvetteblogger.com features the Corvette being auctioned off and the RM’s press release regarding the special vintage car.

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