1983 Lockheed Martin stealth ship to be auctioned by U.S. Navy

Tired of driving those creature-comfort-packed luxury yachts? Well, the U.S. Navy has begun spring cleaning recently and is looking to put to rest older vessels! A better way to sail that’s bound to catch more wide-eyed stares than the conventional luxury yacht would bring you, this Lockheed Martin-built Sea Shadow that we came across recently will soon be auctioned off along with the historic floating dry-dock the vessel calls home. Currently priced at $100,000, bids have been pouring in off-late for the 164 foot vessel. Built in 1983, the vessel could pretty much be converted into a floating home or a museum for that matter, with a little bit of imagination and creativity. Also, this auction seems to be a perfectly great way to bring home a little bit of history with this one-of-a-kind stealth ship!