2012 Bentley Continental GTC fetches over $377,000 for charity

In a bid to raise funds for the BBC’s Children in Need Day in the UK, Bentley Manchester decided to put a shining new 2012 Bentley Continental GTC under the hammer. And a generous man from the UK ended up with the stunning luxury car for a whopping £240,000 ($377,000). The new owner of the car, which will make its American debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show, will also get to “option-up his (or her) new Bentley on a visit to Crewe” and the car interiors will sport signatures of celebrities that attended the gala event.

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Jon Crossley from Bentley, said “Nearly 400 people saw the auction unfold and, as the price kept on rising, the whole place fell silent. To reach £240.000, even for the very latest Bentley which is still making its debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show, just takes your breath away.”

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