20th Anniversary Special Edition Sony PS4 Sold at Japan Auction for $129,000

In Japan, the cost of a standard edition PlayStation 4 Console is about $340 (¥40,000). That’s pretty much the price that millions of PS fans the world over paid for it. However, in every group of individuals there’s always an elite segment that would willingly pay more for the same thing, if it were customized or a special edition of some kind. The PS4 fan following is not immune to this as was recently witnessed during a Sony held auction for the company’s 20th anniversary selection of devices.

While around 12,300 specially designed retro-themed PlayStation 4 consoles, in the original PlayStation’s gray scheme, were sold to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the gaming console, some hardcore fans got a little overexcited when the No. 00001 unit went on the auction block. Prices being flung back and forth went as high as a whopping $129,000 (¥15.135 million) for the particular unit. After 1,585 bids on the Yahoo! Auction page, the bidding ended with a final bid of ¥15.135 million. Bidding started from ¥1! The other units were priced at $422 (¥49,980). These too were specially numbered.

Sony will be donating the proceeds from this bid war to charity and they’re also planning on including a matching gift as a little bonus. One report mentioned that Sony themselves were a little surprised by the final outcome of the auction. I think some of us feel the same way.

[Via – WSJ]