24 ct gold plated Rock Star toilet brush holder is world’s most expensive

Adding the finishing touches to your gilded bathroom that features a 24ct toilet and bathtub is this 24ct plated toilet brush holder! Made to cater to the whims of the bling lovers, this gilded essential dubbed the “The Rock Star” will just about complete the bedazzling appeal of your luxe bathroom. Made by Windisch in Spain, this gilded toilet brush holder is, without doubt, the world’s most expensive toilet brush holder! Measuring 3.25″ X 15.25″ in size, “The Rock Star” toilet brush holder is oven varnished and is guaranteed not to corrode, pit, or tarnish. With an asking price of $575, this gilded toilet brush is already a hit with superyacht owners.

The pricey and extremely unique toilet brush holder is available for sale from luxury bedding retailer Pioneer Linens and can be purchased online here.