3G iPhone bidding touches $1000

Well the tension is swelling up as the race for the next best thing on gadget blogs is taking shape. Here’s to the ever publicized 3G version of the iPhone. The phone that was launched on 11th July already has a sales figure that shows more that a million pieces sold till date. The bidding for the 16GB version of the 3G iPhone on eBay has exceeded $1000 while that of the 8GB version has touched the $800-$900 range. With scary stories like that of the iPhone being shipped to a bidder in a nation that doesn’t have the iPhone released as yet, the only thing one can foresee is a blinding rush that can end up in shortage of the same.

The 16GB 3G iPhone costs $299 while the 8GB version costs $199. Better pick yours soon before it’s too late.

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