400 year-old rare Beau Sancy diamond to go under the Sotheby’s hammer

Imagine a huge diamond being pawned by European kings to set off royal debts. Well, the sparkling new stone will go under Sotheby’s hammer at Geneva on May 15. The gem named the “Beau Sancy” has been a part of the fluctuating European royal family’s fortunes for over 400 years. Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, owned the 35-carat modified “pear double rose cut” diamond original. It is estimated to earn between $2 million to $4 million. The stone has its origins at the mines in India near Golconda, which Nicolas de Harlay acquired, Lord of Sancy, in Constantinople in the 1500s, from where it gets its name. In 1604, French King Henry IV purchased the stone for 75,000 livres for his wife, Marie de Medici.
Update – The Beau Sancy has sold for $9.6 million, which amounts to twice its reserve.

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Other such rare stones that went under the hammer include the vivid pink, rare yellow diamonds and pink and purple ones among others.
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