A $5 golf ball used by Tiger Woods could fetch $500,000 on auction

Sports personalities have what could probably be termed as the modern-day Midas’ touch. Everything from their socks to their trophies sells for millions and a fitting example of this is a new golf ball that has now come up on the market. No ordinary ball, the tiny wonder was used by Tiger Woods when he sank the championship-clinching putt on the 18th hole and fans now have a chance to claim it as theirs!

Offered on sale by Goldin auctions, the ball is manufactured by the coveted Bridgestone Corp. and would probably be worth $5 in its original form. However, with the Woods’ touch incorporated, the ball is now expected to sell for a whopping $500,000! Yes, that’s right! Commenting on the price, Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin said, “because you’re dealing with such a wealthy group of fans,” it’s conceivable that buyers would pay $500,000 for it. He further added, “Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to sell Tiger memorabilia in the glory days. I’m looking forward to selling it toward the up time.”

Woods’ recent victory at Augusta National marks one of the most iconic comebacks in history. This is said to have a positive impact on sales of the player’s memorabilia with Goldin also claiming that he has already begun to receive inquiries for the same. We wouldn’t be surprised then if Woods’ infamous ball were to fetch the commanding price after all!


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