A 6 month old Tesla Model S belonging to Prince Charles is on sale for $114,000

Via - Castle Motors and Instagram @theroyalfamily

Want to get a taste of royalty? Why not buy this luxury Tesla used by Prince Charles, now listed on the market for a cool $1,13,691. The six-month-old model is said to have been loaned by Tesla to Charles’ household as a green mode of transport.

Via – Castlemotors

Used (albeit sparingly) by the duke himself, the top-of-the-range electric-powered Tesla Model S with just 7,000 miles on the clock doesn’t amount for royal pedigree and is, in fact, said to be priced per market value. The midnight silver-colored motor has a top speed of 155mph and was apparently Charles’ favorite.

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Via – Castlemotors

So much so that the Prince also got the loan period on it extended before handing it back to Tesla. Boasting a range of 405 miles and acceleration from 0-60mph in just 3.1 seconds, the car was recently bought by webuysupercars.com.

Via – Castlemotors

Commenting on it, Phil Corker, the head of purchasing at webuysupercars.com, said: “We bought the Tesla that Prince Charles had been using for the last few months through a tip-off from a contact at Tesla.” It is now being sold by luxury car dealer Castle Motors who added, “We have not increased the price because of its Royal connections. In fact, we didn’t even mention that it had a Royal link when we first put it on our website, but then we decided to mention it very briefly.”

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Fancy buying the royal Tesla?

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