A bottle of cognac from 1810 is on sale for £148,320

A bottle of cognac made during the era of the renowned Battle of Trafalgar has hit auction headlines for a staggering £148,320 ($231,220). Brandyclassics, a high-end vintage British brandy company, was in possession of the three-quarter gallon bottle for well over a decade and is now selling the Massougnes 1805 cognac.

Considering a bottle of cognac these days is well within a two-figure amount, we’re not entirely surprised that this bottle is rumoured to be the “most expensive bottle of cognac in the world.”

Well, I’m sure one is intrigued to know more about this liquor! Well for one, we know the cognac has a “light hazel nut” flavour and retains this premium taste despite it’s age! Most probably the buyer would be a luxury hotel brand, who can in turn serve the premium liquor to customers at almost £6,000 ($9,360) a measure.

In case, you lose out on this current 1805 liquor, the 210-year old bottle’s companion, a Massougnes 1801 cognac is being sold for £141,120 ($220,150).

[Via – Cnbc]

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