A car license plate sells for a record US $ 2.3 mil in Hong Kong

An innocuous sounding license plate number has sold at auction in Hong Kong for the princely sum of 18.1 million Hong Kong dollars US$2.3 million. This is the highest sum ever paid for a license plate number in the city. The covetable plate carries the number 28 which in Cantonese sounds very similar to a phrase used for “easy money.”

The bidder was acting on behalf of an unnamed third party and he also purchased the license plate 232 for $174,000. Hong Kong introduced the concept of bidding for license plate numbers in 1973 and the proceeds of the auction go to charity. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that license plates featuring combinations of auspicious digits are flaunted on the vehicles of the city’s richest and most prominent residents. The most sought after plates are the numbers 2 through 10 since 1 is reserved for the police commissioner.

Would you shell out $2 million for coveted license plate number? We think we’ll save the money for a private jet instead!

[ Via : Nytimes ]

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