A deserted Aston Martin DB4 is all set to be sold for £350,000

Vintage cars may not be the best cars to drive around, but for all their precious packaging, they often get sold for pretty heavy price tags. And if they are discovered like a lost treasure out of nowhere, their (already massive) worth is bound to increase manifolds! In a similar turn of events, a half a century old Aston Marin DB4 was recently rescued from a swampy woodland in the country, now to be sold for an estimated price of £350,000.

The coveted DB4 is known to be one of the most powerful and desirable vehicles of its time. While the details of its unfortunate isolation are a mystery, it is said to have sat in the secluded outdoors of its owner’s Massachusetts property since the early seventies! For being left on its own for over two decades, the car though dilapidated surprisingly stands in one piece. The decade long inactivity thought, led the DB4 to rust with soggy creepers finding their way up to its structure.

Courtesy the North American climate, the vehicle is said to have retained a majority of its parts, which will soon be refurbished for the finale sale. The sought after Aston Martin is one of the 1200 units that were manufacture in Britain, before being shipped to the states. Following a long and very expensive restoration, the car will be auctioned on January 18, at the Worldwide Auctioneers’ inaugural Scottsdale sale in Arizona.


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