A rare set of Beatles Character Toby Jugs can fetch $34,000

If you’re a Beatles fan – read up! A rare yet extremely adorable set of Toby Jugs featuring the musical legends has now gone on sale. Produced by Royal Doulton 20 years ago, the ensemble features four units- each designed after the band’s members.

The set features images of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and possibly Ringo Starr in their Sgt Pepper attire from 1967-minus the mustaches. The delightful mugs were earlier aimed for mass production; however, the idea was shelved for reasons unknown.

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Only three sets are known to have survived, with each featuring 5-inch tall mugs in a pack of four. Two of the surviving trio are currently on display in the American Toby Jug Museum in Chicago and a separate private collection. As for the third set, it is set to be sold by Florida-based auctioneers Lion & Unicorn for the widow of a British-born US businessman.

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Commenting on it, Arthur Rios, co-owner of Lion & Unicorn, said, ‘These prototype Beatles jugs were made about 20 years ago by Royal Doulton but never produced…I’m sure they would have been very popular so I am not sure why they didn’t come to market, but the company was going through some changes of ownership at the time.”

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The Beatles Royal Doulton Character Toby Jugs Set will be auctioned on January 26, 2021. Would you fancy buying it?

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