A Titanic survivor’s light up cane that led passengers to safety may fetch $500,000 in an auction

The devastating story of Titanic has created a soft spot in hearts globally. You can now own a piece of history with a walking cane, that was used to help and guide 26 survivors of the Titanic. Ella White, a first-class passenger and survivor of the tragic accident, purchased a modern cane that was fitted with a battery-powered head.

The cane is now going under the hammer, and may fetch up to $500,000. White used the cane to direct her through the dark corridors of the ship after there was a power outrage. White and a female companion used the battery-operated cane to help them onto Lifeboat No. 8, which miraculously survived the sea voyage.

“Since the lamp on the boat was absolutely worth nothing, I continued to hold the cane aloft to illuminate the path and signal ships. That was the only light we had,” White said in Senate testimony.

Considering only a handful of items survived the accident, the cane is said to be an integral part of Titanic’s legacy.


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