A 17th century French pocket coach watch is up for grabs

A perfect watch is an investment, someone wise once said, and he wasn’t wrong. From time immemorial, people have given due consideration to time, and its products such as watches and clocks have been much sought after. As is the case of anything precious, the old the better and this 17th-century pocket coach watch is one fine example. It was made in France in 1625 and remained intact to this day with an hour strike and an alarm. The watch displays intricate and delicate yet stunning craftsmanship and a high level of class, which was vital during those days. In the olden days, a pocket watch was called a pocket clock and was used as an accessory to show off by the rich than to check what time it was.

A Parisian watchmaker, Josias Jolly, made this particular timepiece. It features only one hand, which does not mean the minute hand is broken but depicts a part of history when the minute-hand was not considered relevant in a watch. However, it was improved in 1690, adding a balance spring, which was a new mechanism and a regulator. This antique timepiece is available on James List for around $78,000.

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