A Boeing 727 limo is actually a jumbo jet Mercedes

Although this vehicle is not on bidding anymore, I’d like to bring to your notice a jet that is literally transformed into a Limo! At first, I thought I’m, looking at a mini plane or so. But then on reading, I realized that some folk has ripped off the wings of a Boeing 727 and fitted the rest on a Mercedes bus. It is also powered by an original Mercedes turbo diesel engine and weighs 24,000 pounds fully fueled. It’s fairly long, at 53′, and has a passenger capacity of about 50 people. You can even come across the usual limo accessories like ceiling mirrors, bar, fog machine, novelty lighting, televisions, etc. except for its inability to fly; it’s an ideal blend of air and road transport. This street-legal limo just sold on eBay for $274,100. More images after the jump……….

Ebay via Techeblog

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