Tickets for the Boeing Dreamliner 787 auctioned for $31,000

If you are not familiar with ANA 787 Boeing’s Dreamliner flight, you will now. Recently at an auction on eBay a pair of tickets for the inaugural flight was sold for a record AU $32,700 (US $31,000 ). The first inaugural flight of ANA 787 Boeing Dreamliner flight is scheduled to take off from Japan’s Narita International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport and return back the next day. The auctioned package along with the two business class tickets also includes accommodation in Hong Kong’s Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel.

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The auction started off on eBay at AU $1,826 (US $1,700 ) and reached feverish pitch during its last day. All proceeds from this auction will go towards Japan’s environmental protection agency, Conservation International Japan.