A rare Roman mask-style helmet to go under Christie’s hammer for $465,000

Leonardo DiCaprio was once made the iron mask famous as King LouisXIV in the forgettable film ‘The Man in the Iron Mask’, but this one is a real antique and rare keepsake! Going under the hammer at Christie’s is a stunning rare, one-of-three Roman bronze helmet, with a face-mask which was discovered by a metal detector enthusiast in Cumbria. Described as a ‘hugely important discovery’, this Crosby Garrett Helmet dated to the 1st-2nd century AD features a griffin crest in a golden bronze color. Touted to fetch as much $465,000, the other 2 Helmets, the Ribchester Helmet and the Newstead Helmet are housed at the British Museum and the Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh respectively.

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