A toilet seat used by Duchess of Cornwall is up on eBay

I have heard numerous stories of people auctioning various items that were once used by Britain’s Royal family, but this one is definitely bizarre. A pub owner – Chris Azerkane, is hoping to make some money by auctioning a toilet seat from her bar after the Duchess of Cornwall popped in to use her LOO. The “royal throne” is on sale for all Royal enthusiasts and collectors on eBay. Chris, 52, recalls her meeting with the Duchess and claims that she was taken aback by her royal visitor who giggled and inquired whether she could use her toilet.

The Duchess was in the village for the funeral of a friend – Lady Mary Askew. Dressed in a lovely midnight blue coat with a velvet collar, the Duchess even had a drink at the bar after returning from the Loo. Chris and her husband are now auctioning the toilet seat to raise money for the Royal Brompton and Kings College Hospitals in London, where their 16-month-old grandson Omar is treated for lung disease.
This is one toilet seat that will be responsible for the lives of many.

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