Adolf Hitler’s Desk Set with his initials fetch $423,000

Here is a stupendous piece of Nazi relic, a brass desk embossed with the letters “AH,” which once belonged to Hitler himself was sold for $423,000 to a California historical collector at a Stamford auction last week. The two-day auction was held at Alexander Historical Auctions, located on 860 Canal Street in Stamford. T. The head-honcho of the auction team conceded that the brass desk was among hundreds of items auctioned off from the World War II era and was sold to a longtime customer and devoted autograph collector. As history has it, this is the same desk which was used by Adolf Hitler at the signing of the Munich Pact on Sept. 30, 1938, at which France and England ceded Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland — a group of Czech border areas — to Germany. The desk still has Hitler’s initials “AH” and an eagle facing its left, symbolizing the Nazi Party versus the military. IIt was estimated to fetch at least half a million dollars but failed to go under the hammer for the minimum reserve price.

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