Albert Einstein’s handwritten letter to be auctioned with an opening bid of $3 million

Albert Einstein was a force to reckon with. As one of the most “prolific minds of modern times”, his strong hold on science is known far and wide. However his personal views on sensitive matters such as God, religion and tribalism haven’t been known publicly until now. Going under the hammer is a handwritten letter by the genius in German, along with its original envelope. The letter bearing the Princeton University letterhead, is addressed to Eric B. Gutkind, on January 3, 1954, one year before his demise, in reply to the latter’s book “Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt”.

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The heritage collectable has been preserved for over 50 years in a “temperature, humidity and light controlled environment”. The authenticity of the letter can be judged by the original envelope, stamp, and postmark. Bids for this historic letter will start at $3 million.
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