Almost 30 years old, Disneyland’s PeopleMover just sold for $471,500

Regardless of age the magic of Disney has charmed us all. Needless to say, the love for Disney makes Disneyland no less than paradise! One would be lying if they said they didn’t care for a trip to Disneyland. But, you might just be underestimating just how much someone might do for anything that spells Disneyland. It has been recently reported that a PeopleMover car, a two person unit just sold for a whopping $471,500 at an auction in Los Angeles. For those unaware about The PeopleMover, it was a fixture of California’s Disneyland for nearly 30 years, a chain of slow-moving, open-air pods on a raised platform that took park goers on a guided tour of Tomorrowland.

The auction house that sold this PeopleMover has graciously shared a rather interesting backstory about this former resident of Disneyland. None of the 13 cars that are known to exist have the actual drive chassis that contains the suspension and wheels. But, to make sure this baby can actually move, this set has had its chassis recreated from the original specifications. What’s more, the cabin lighting was added in the roofs using reading lamps from a 1967 Rolls-Royce. This attraction may have closed down for visitors in 1995, but the number of rides these beauty has given is not a small one. Van Eaton estimates that these cars were probably ridden by somewhere around 1 million visitors.

We think, the fact that these individual cars are still floating around some 20 years after the ride closed down, is testimony to Disney’s massive fan following! After all, how many vehicles, that old can demand as much as half a million dollars!

[ Via : Theverge ]

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