An antique Jaquet Droz singing bird sells for a record $2,53 million

The Jaquet Droz Singing Bird Scent Flask recently sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a record busting $2,530,000. The flask is now the most expensive antique Jaquet Droz to ever have sold at auction. However, the flask itself is such a fine automaton that you would not be surprised of its ability to fetch such a sum.

The pear shaped case is adorned with stunning enamel detailing and jewels and is home to a nightingale that stands 12 mm tall. A complex, miniature organ creates the illusion that the tiny bird is actually singing. When activated, the bird delivers a stunningly synchronized performance from its majestic perch.

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The white enamel dial of the watch bears roman numerals and golden hands that operate through the fusee of gilt brass movement. The watch face as well as the tiny window through which we see the singing bird are lined with precious rubies and half pearls. Gold paillon and with arabesques design from 16th century Europe style also border the watch.

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Created in 1786 and rich with expensive rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, this unique creation continues to prove the lasting value of dedicate craftsmanship.

[Via – The Milenary]