A collection of 197 vintage holiday posters may fetch £1million!

With the welcoming of the New Year, the holiday season may have come to a close for now. But, there seems to be one way to beat these blues and hang on to the spirit of the season for the rest of the year! The solution is simpler than you think- holiday themed memorabilia!

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The upcoming auction of about 197 vintage ski-posters can surely stir up nostalgia about what is known as the ‘Golden Years of Winter Holidays’! The posters are pictures of Europe’s top skiing destinations and date back to the early 20th century when the first resorts began competing against one another and went on to be declared as one with the most beauty and glamour. What’s more is, this auction is expected to bag approximately £1MILLION! The pieces up for sale include the artistic marvels by Emil Cardinaux, Alex Walter Diggelmann, Walter Koch and Swiss artist Carl Moos. We hear that a framed poster for Engadin St Moritz, featuring a ski jumper flying through the air, is expected to fetch £25,000. Now, isn’t that something?
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The posters were made by the finest designers and artists who were commissioned to create these stylish adverts. Today, by the virtue of the bold colours, typography and the strong designs, these posters are now of a very high worth and sell for thousands of pounds as collectibles! So, what were once displayed at places such as travel agents and station platforms as bait for holiday makers are now find a pride of place in the ski- chalets of wealthy people. We must admit, from advertisements to collectibles, these posters sure have come a long way!
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