An unknown recording of John Lennon’s unreleased song may fetch $47,000

In what could best be termed a rare find, a 1970 audio recording of John Lennon singing a hitherto unpublished song during a visit to Denmark is all set to go under the hammer. It will be offered in Copenhagen on September 28, as per reports.

The 33-minute recording is put up on sale by a group of four men who had met with the Beatles’ singer as teenagers. They ended up with the tape when Lennon was spending part of the 1969-1970 winter in a small town on Denmark’s west coast.

Commenting on it, Alexa Bruun Rasmussen of the Bruun Rasmussen auction house said, “The tape is totally unique because it’s a conversation. It took place after a press conference with the four schoolboys and some journalists, and John Lennon plays a few songs for them.”

She further added, “One of them, ‘Radio Peace,’ has never been published. It’s a little piece of Danish history, and when we listen to it, we can sense that John Lennon felt cozy in Denmark. He could be left alone and just be.”

The tape includes a conversation between the four teenagers, Lennon and some local journalists along with an unpublished track called ‘Radio Peace’. It will be sold with photos of the meeting and the issue of the school newspaper featuring the interview for an estimated price of $47,000.

[Via: NME]

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