Ancient Art Cased Grand Piano goes under the hammer for $225,000

If you are a music enthusiast and enjoy collecting elegant music instruments then a Regence Style Concert Grand Piano created by Sebastien Erard Paris is up for bidding. This 246 cm long unique masterpiece was originally presented in “the International Universal Exposition of Industry in 1889 in Paris, and is currently placed in Loiret, France. The piano case has been hand painted and signed by noted painter Heber Lippmann with sights portraying 18th century Flemish country sides, ocean and river scenes. You will find the piano resting on a six-legged gold-plated base. Cembalis of similar styles are attached keeping the 18th century theme intact.

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The bid starts at EUR 150,000 ($225,000) and is open till the 05th of December, 2009.