Andy Warhol’s Mercedes Benz artwork to be auctioned for $17 million or more

If you’re familiar with the world of art, and pop art in particular, you’re sure to have come across Andy Warhol’s masterpieces, many of which are catching the eyes of art connoisseurs off-late. Yet another pop-art painting by this artist has recently been slipped under the hammer, this one revolving around a Mercedes Benz Grand Prix car, hailing from the year 1950. Both, the car and the painting are absolute vintage pieces of art and a collection of works was produced by Warhol based on the same. One of these, a work of art called the Streamlined Version, 1954, will be auctioned by Christie’s and is expected to fetch about $17 million or more.

What makes this particular series of paintings so special is the fact that these were one of the artist’s last works before his demise in 1987. The 14-foot-high silkscreen depicts the Mercedes-Benz Formula One entry in the 1954 and 1955, reproduced 12 times, all across the canvas. The painting is currently held by Daimler. Proceeds from the sale of this painting will be used to ensure a long-standing future for the Daimler art collection. Previously, we’ve featured more artwork by Andy Warhol being auctioned, including the Coca-Cola (3) painting that fetched $60 million at a Christie’s auction. Read more here!

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[Via – Drive and Designntrend]