Andy Warhol’s classic ‘Macintosh’ painting to go on sale for an estimated $30,000

Big news for Warhol and Mac enthusiasts! Two of your favorite things are ready to come to you in one sole package! We are talking about a re-discovered painting by Andy Warhol of an early Apple Macintosh logo that is all set to go under the hammer on the 1st of next month. The artwork dates to the year 1985 and depicts the vintage Mac design in dominant hues of orange and red.

Set to go on sale at Woodshed Art Auctions in Franklin, Massachusetts, the painting measures eight inches and comes inside a 16.5-inch squared frame. It is signed on by Warhol on both, the front and back and is touted to be in a very good condition. As per Woodshed auctioneer Bruce Wood, ‘“Warhol’s work appears effortless, but the discovery of working color studies like the Apple Macintosh painting reveals that each finished image is the refinement of trials and experimentation. In a way, this reflects the growth of the products he’s chosen to depict.”

The painting is also said to be a part of Warhol’s “Ads” series from 1985, that came out just the year after the original Macintosh launched. While, the artist’s previous Mac-inspired artworks have sold for $400,000 – $910,000, this one is estimated to fetch a slightly lower sum of $30,000. If you’re interested in owning Warhol’s depiction of the early Mac, you better not lose out on this one!


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