This oversized Coca Cola bottle by Andy Warhol may fetch a staggering $60 million

Pop art has its own magic, and those who follow this style of painting swear by its sheer brilliance and uniqueness. Perhaps that’s just why this painting of a Coca-Cola bottle has caught so much attention and has the spotlight turned on it at Christie’s evening auction of postwar and contemporary art, scheduled for the 12th of November. This oversized Coke bottle painting by Andy Warhol is expected to fetch $60 million and above at the auction in New York next month and was painted by hand by the artist in 1962. The painting depicts a black bottle on a white 6-foot-tall canvas and has the Coca-Cola icon and Andy’s signature.

The Mugrabi family consigned the Coca-Cola (3) painting after purchasing it from billionaire Si Newhouse in 1995. Previously, we’ve covered the Coca-Cola (4) painting’s sale that fetched a whopping $35 million at Sotheby’s auction after being purchased by hedge-fund manager Steven A. Cohen. The Coca-Cola (3) is up for viewing at Christie’s in London from the 12th to the 18th of October.

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[Via – Christies and Bloomberg]

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