Andy Warhol’s Mao to be the highlight of Bonham’s upcoming auction

“Nothing less than a cornerstone in the canon of modern art, a true classic with a never-ending ability to inspire, challenge and influence” – this is how Andy Warhol’s “Mao” is described by a writer. The painting he did in 1973 is known to be one of the maestro’s most striking masterpieces. This rare painting will be gleaming amidst other Post-War and Contemporary Artwork on June 29 at Bonham’s on Bond Street. This piece of art is estimated to fetch in the neighborhood of £580,000-780,000.

Andy brought Mao into the light of art when in 1971, he developed a fascination for China, reading up on it. He then decided to use only the most powerful photograph of the revolutionary Mao Zedong, the former chairman of the Communist Party of China. The image has the shades of art that highlight Andy’s artistic prowess, but the most striking is the stroke of red in the otherwise neon green and blue canvas. The painting gives a humane feel to the face that some relate with “dictatorship and cruelty.” It shows power.

[ Via : Uncrate ]

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