Andy Warhol’s Silver Liz up for bids; touted to fetch up to $11.6 million

Andy Warhol has been one of the most eccentric at the same time one of the most prolific artists of his times. His obsession with Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor is well known. And some much is the craze for his paintings, that its original owners put up the prize money to recover them! Well this time around, it the turn of the 1963 portrait of Ms. Taylor, called Silver Liz to go under the hammer. This work is only one of two paintings highlighting her legendary violet eyes, which was the result of an extremely unusual genetic disorder. His love for the star reflects from his canvas, as the creation is looked up on as his most compelling works and a lasting symbol of feminine beauty.

The painting was created using synthetic polymer paint, silkscreen inks and spray enamel on linen. This 101.5cm high and 99.7cm wide painting is estimated to fetch a figure between $8,712,000 and $11,616,000.


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