Angelina Jolie’s post mastectomy topless portrait unveiled for auction

While thinking of Angelina Jolie, only images of a strong, jovial, and extremely stunning personality comes to mind. The actor has a way to awe her audience, and she has done that a million times. Recently, we came across a very peculiar portrait of Jolie, which is up for auction. The portrait is an expression from Swedish artist Johan Andersson, a painting in which he has depicted Angelina Jolie posing topless just weeks after her double mastectomy surgery. Should this be considered sad or otherwise, well, I leave that up to you.

Andersson is known to be the youngest artist exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, and you might remember him for his highly acclaimed posthumous portrait of Amy Winehouse. Steering away from the negative controversies that have arisen due to the release of this portrait, Andersson has a very emotional story to his defense. He says that the portrait is very personal to him, as his mother had aggressive breast cancer, and the thought of her having to have a mastectomy really scared Andersson.

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However, luckily, she was fortunate enough to have surgery without the mastectomy. Andersson says, “The recent news about Angelina stirred an anxiety within me, leading me to paint this portrait.” In addition, he also plans to forward all proceeds from this portrait to charity – the Falling Whistles campaign for peace in Congo. The painting is expected to bring in about $22,000.

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But then again, as opposed to the underlying awkwardness in Jolie’s demeanor in Andersson’s painting, there’s no beating her jovial toplessness in this portrait. And that’s how we prefer seeing Angelina!

[Via – Ibtimes]

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