Angelina Jolie’s topless picture to be auctioned at Christie’s, London

Boy, oh boy! I would like to see your reaction when I’d give you the details of the auction to be held by London-based Christie’s the coming month as part of a treasure trove named – The Wild Side of Photography. One of it, is a controversial image of Angelina Jolie’s – a white horse kissing her nude bosom The image is in color, wherein a topless Angelina pictures with a smiling face, head falling back and hair swaying in the wind, and the lucky horse shown to be loving nuzzling (if i may) Jolie’s bosom The other selling factors in the photograph is Angelina’s famous body tattoos – specifically the “Billy Bob”, but who needs these, when we have the celebrated Angelina doing her usual dare devil acts!

Rumor has it, that this picture from the 2001 David LaChapelle shoot is considered to fetch approximately $53,000. That’s not all. The auction would also feature from the same collection a never-seen-before outtake featuring the Rolling Stone, and again an Angelina starer with Brad Pitt – the duo posing as a married couple for Steven Klein in 2005, featured in W magazine. This photograph is expected to fetch around $15,000. Not bad, for brand Angelina, aint it?

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[Via – Christies and Eonline]