Another ‘First’ Superman comic sold for $1.5 million, breaking its own records!

In the age of Batman and Spiderman (thanks to Hollywood, of course!) I thought Superman was in history. But no, the rare-100-copies-only edition of the Action Comics No. 1 with Superman on the cover made sure that Batman comic books earned lesser in comparison! And if you thought it could earn $1million, it just went ahead to break its own record and earn a staggering $1.5 Million, a second for the magazine in one year alone! This particular issue was picked up was sold by a private collector through Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, the co-owners of, to another hardcore comic book addict!

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But think about it, paying $1.5millions for something that you could have purchased for $317,200 (or 10cents if you were old enough in the late 1930s), this new price is definitely shocking!

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