Antiquorum to put rare and antique timepieces under the hammer

Celebrating 80 years of the “Reverso Chapter”, Antiquorum is all set to bring 500 stunning vintage time masterpieces. The previews are set to happen at Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Geneva. The highlight of the sale is the stunning Breguet silver carriage clock that spots 10 complications, the most complicated of the 11 the limited edition timepiece dated to 1812 that exists. Estimated between CHF 150,000 ($168,120) and CHF 200,000 ($224,130), it is said to be the only known version that features a quadruple digital perpetual calendar.

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Next up is the collectors delight, the “Pendule de Voyage Grande Sonnerie, Repétition à Minutes et Réveil” Breguet clock, which was owned by the then, President of Yugoslavia Josip Tito in 1956. This stunning time piece is estimated between CHF 50,000 ($56,040) and CHF70,000 ($78,455).
Rounding up the top three is the Vacheron & Constantin “30 Days, Constant Force”, dated to 1933. a visually appealing collector’s item, the unique clock is a stunning reminder of the Art Deco style. If offers 30 days of power reserve with a single winding and is estimated between CHF 70,000 ($78,455) and CHF 120,000 ($134,520). For the entire list, click here.
Thanks Michelle Halpern

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