Auction of rare Tintin drawings to be held in Paris

Although I am no comic book collector, I love reading them. One of my favorite comics has to be the Adventures of Tintin! A favorite of many, the comic book character Tintin has entertained readers for years. And if you are a die-hard fan and collector of various Tintin comic books and memorabilia, here is some great news. An auction featuring rare Tintin sketches and paraphernalia is all set to take place later this year in Paris. 250 original pieces will be up for grabs, including an original edition of ‘Tintin In The Congo’ from 1931 – a numbered first edition stamped by Hergé (the creator of this amazing comic series) himself. Hergé, had given many of his drawings to close friends so many of his creations have remained under private ownership.

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This auction will definitely elate many Tintin fans who wish to own some of the most priceless art related to their favorite character. A rare lot taken from ‘The Calculus Affair’, which was given by Hergé to his hairdresser shortly before his death is expected to fetch between €90,000 and €120,000.
Slated to be held on May 26 by Drouot-Montaigne, this auction promises to attract Tintin fans from across the globe.

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