Auctioned at $46.2 million this diamond has shattered all previous records

You might think that beauty and brilliance were priceless. But what if, one were to put a price to it? What price would that be? Well, the “Blue Moon Diamond”, an exquisite blue diamond has set the world record for any diamond or any gemstone by being auctioned at Sotheby’s in Geneva for a mind-numbing US$48,468,158! With brilliance that can send all other jewels packing home, this rare cushion brilliant-cut stone weighs 12. Now that’s what you get to put a price tag on something so spectacular! This stone was purchased by a private collector from Hong-Kong. We hear, the collector has also renamed this jewel as “The Blue Moon of Josephine”. We are as curious as you are about this renaming!

Racing past the The Graff Pink which was sold for US$46.2 million at Sotheby’s Geneva in 2010 this blue spectacle has been declared Internally Flawless by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)- no surprise there!
The Blue Moon of Josephine has unarguably marked a new auction record for price-per-carat for any diamond or gemstone. But that’s not even the only reason this stone is the talk of the town. This stunning diamond is also the first diamond or gemstone to be worth over US$4 million per carat. According to David Bennett, Sotheby’s Worldwide Chairman of Jewelry this sale took Sotheby’s total in Geneva for to a staggering 300 million dollars. Let’s all take a minute to wrap our heads around this magnificent, jaw-dropping mother-of-all rocks, shall we?

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