Babe Ruth’s Brooklyn Dodgers Coaching Uniform can now be yours for $500,000+

If you’re asked to cough up half a million dollars for a pair of used and probably tattered clothes, you may simply want to laugh it off. However, commanding an exacting ludicrous amount is a Brooklyn Dodgers coaching uniform that was previously used by Babe Ruth. The jersey was apparently worn by the American Baseball pro during the 1938 season and is one of the most coveted sports pieces to go on sale.

The marquee piece is equivalent to the holy grail for baseball fans and is now being offered on sale as part of a 350-item private collection by Julien’s Auctions. Alongside Ruth’s iconic jersey, other items up for grabs will include an ultra-rare baseball signed by Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe and a pair of Muhammad Ali Everlast boxing shorts from the ‘80s, that boast a handwritten message reading: “Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on Earth.”

Commenting on Ruth’s ludicrously priced memorabilia, Brett Hughes, director of the Julien’s Sports Division in a statement said, “The value of this uniform goes beyond its rarity and significance in baseball. Babe Ruth has a spot on any list as one of the most legendary figures in sports… This full uniform complete with the belt is special in every way.” The sale will take place on November 14 in Beverly Hills as well as online via the Julien’s Auction official website.


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