Barack Obama’s high school basketball jersey has sold for a whopping $120,000

You may probably be aware that Barack Obama has been a huge basketball fan. In an interview back in the days, he has even admitted his love for the sport by claiming that ‘Basketball was a refuge, a place where he made a lot of friends and picked up a lot on his sense of competition and fair play’. And although the ex-American president may not be active on the field anymore, memorabilia from his high-school basketball days has been making quite the rounds off late.

We’re talking about Obama’s game-worn high school basketball jersey (nearly lost forever in the trash) – that has recently been sold at auction for a cool $120,000. Yes, that’s right! It was purchased by a collector of American and sports artifacts, who didn’t wish to be identified, after he/she placed the highest bid for the 44th president’s 1978-79 Punahou School jersey. The tee was sold by Heritage Auctions who also described it as “the most important basketball jersey that exists”.

The jersey imprinted with the number 23 is said to have been put up for auction by Peter Noble, a former schoolmate who was three years behind Obama. The clothing piece’s authenticity was also confirmed by using Noble’s yearbook, where Obama was seen in a photograph wearing the exact same number 23 tee. Well, for the love of football and that of Obama, this could be the best things auctioned in a very very long time!


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