Billy the Kid photograph is grabbed for $2.3 million by a billionaire

One can never say how the world reacts to certain wrongdoings that humans conduct. Would the 19th-century American frontier outlaw and gunman, Billy the Kid, have ever thought more than a century later a photograph of his would fetch $2.3 million. The photograph was grabbed by old west lover and billionaire William Koch at Brian Lebel’s 22nd Annual old and West Show & Auction in Denver, Colorado. The photograph, taken in the tintype’s olden method, which used metal where images were reversed, has broken the record for the most expensive piece to be sold at this event. It was believed to be taken in 1879 or 1880 in New Mexico, and Billy gave it to his friend Dan Dedrick whose family had this treasure. The world first saw this photograph in the 1980s in a museum in New Mexico.

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