Biotech firm auctioning pet clones for $100,000

Looking for a clone for your pet? Thanks to BioArts, a USA company now you have a chance to copy your dear pet. As this process does not look very cheap, you would land up paying an amount equivalent to a luxury car, or a vacation house for copying your adorable pet. Biotech firm auctions the chance to have your pet copied. The winning bidders will be able to make a genetically-identical copy of an existing pet – or generate a new puppy from the frozen tissue of a long-dead pet. Bidding is expected to begin at more than $100,000 around £50,000.

BioArts also believe that cloning had a 25 per cent efficiency rate, with one in four implanted embryos developing into a healthy pregnancy. Of the cloned puppies that were born, one in five didn’t survive to adulthood.